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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 8:43 PM | 0 Comments

SmartGET Powerful Download Manager for S60

Devices SmartGet is the easy-to- use and effective download manager designed to fix all the problems you may be having downloading content from the internet on your phone. It looks like a must-have utility for all the hardcore internet users that downloads files recently and want to avoid limitations in the default web browser.
SmartGet download
manager allows you to simultaneously download up to 5 files at the same time rather then the Safari Explorer silly maximum of only 1 file at a time. Furthermore it allow you to resume broken downloads and contain few really handy features like scheduled downloads and progress bars. It definitely improves download experience on the S60 phones by offering few missing features in default browser and giving quick access to the most useful features over the keyboard shortcuts.

Improvements in the latest version:

- An all new graphical interface.
- Download multiple files simultaneously (upto 5)
- Progress bar for downloads
- Auto-resume failed downloads due to network errors.
- Updated Settings dialog. (more settings)
- Start/Stop Timer (Still need to iron out some bugs)
- Faster program execution.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

- Use joystick left-right to select toolbar icons Use joystick up-down to select downloads in queue.
- Numeric Key 7 - Auto-orientation
- Numeric Key 8 - portrait
- Numeric Key 9 -Landscape





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