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Solution 2.0 is the most powerful calculator for mobile devices running Symbian OS. It is an easy-to-use application that will certainly help you to cope with any mathematical task. Just enter the formula and get the result!
Use Solution 2.0 as advanced scientific calculator, graph plotter or equation solver! Make matrix computations or even evaluate integrals! You can do complex calculations and create your own functions!
Solution will help you to get the right answer faster and smarter than ever.
The program is proposed for mobile phones running Symbian OS (v.9) Nokia Series 60.

The list of compatible devices:

Nokia 3250, 5500, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6120 classic, 6121 classic, 6290, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90 Communicator, N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N91 N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95-3 NAM.

Supported functions

— Standard functions (with complex-variable support): +, — , /, *, ^, sqrt(x), sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), ctg(x), arcsin(x), arccos(x), arctan(x), arcctg(x) exp(x), log(x), ln(x), abs(x), re(x), im(x), sh(x), ch(x), th(x), cth(x).

— Combinatorial calculus: factorial, A(n,k), C(n,k).

— Scale of notation conversions: bin, oct, hex.

— Support for scientific notation.

Graph Plotter

— Instrument which helps you to create a two-dimensional plot of functions easily and quickly.

— You can view several functions’ graphs on the same worksheet.

Advanced Scientific Calculator

— Calculator, which can do real and complex computations.


— Limit
— Attempts to compute the limiting value of function f(x) as it’s argument x approaches x0, possibly infinity, or
— Differentiation
— Computes the derivative of the function f(x) with respect to x.
— Numerical Differentiation
— Computes the first, second, or higher–order derivative of the function f(x) with respect to x at x0.
— Definite Integration
— Computes a definite integral of the expression f(x) with respect to the variable x over the straight line from a to b (finite numbers).

Matrix Operations

— The main matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplying, computing the inverse and determinant of the given matrix are frequently used but quite complicated and laborious.

Equation Solver

— Solve the arbitrary equations, systems of linear equations numerically.
— Solve initial value problems for ordinary differential equations.
Custom Functions And Constants
— This utility gives you an opportunity to record an arbitrary formula, give it a unique name and then use it like standard functions such as sin(x) or ln(x). So, if you need to use some function or formula often, this utility will certainly please you.
— Support for Multidimensional user-defined functions.
— You can record constants and use them in your formulas.


— History provides quick access to the last performed computations.

Functions Menu

— This instrument will help you to enter data, parameters, functions, custom functions, constants and other information quickly and conveniently.

No need for a key Just install and enjoy!


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SpeedyG0 v1.50 for S60 v3 and v5 full

Speedy Go!
improve the performance of Symbian S60 smartphone with an acceleration of the screen and increase the overall speed.
Features Speed test given function to estimate the normal speed the phone and speed gains achieved by the acceleration.

Speedy Go! can reach the speed increase on all Symbian S60 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung and LG, including the latest touch-screen devices, like Nokia 5800 and N97, and Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).
Main features:
* Improving the performance of the phone. * Provide acceleration and display the overall speed boost.
* Speed test for estimating the speed of the phone features and increased speed.
* Can be used to compare the speed of a different phone.

New features in Speedy go! 1, 50: - Improved accelerator to increase engine speed more about various cell phone.

- Improved calculation speed phone.
- System Information command, showing the phone and processor characteristics.
- A number of internal optimizations and enhancements.
- Various bug fixes.


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Al-Mawrid English-Arabic Arabic-English Dictionary for s60v3v5

Al-Mawrid English-Arabic Arabic-English Dictionary It's the first best selling Arabic electronic book. The dictionary contains more than 33 ,000 words with many related appendices and English examples of audio pronunciations. Comprehensive coverage of the vocabulary and useful phrases for everyday life will be the great help for both language learners and translators. How to install : 1- install the ".sis" files (1 ,2 and 3).
2- put the PRC file in E:/resource/apps/ AlmawridDicts.
3- register respectively with serial number found in the attached file.
4- it works on my N95 8 Gb and N82 (screenshots taken from my mobile).

N.B : all the thanks go to Mr RIADH JAMAL who bought the program and shared it with us.


If you want a more complete dictionary again his collection of words and sound, please install the file below:











By: symtech

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Ttpod player show lyric s60v3

Close the font smoothing Optimization if they had screen switching speed of Sort to remove pairs of letters case-sensitive N73 mask environmental sound and bass boost display Shielding N95 Night mode display This problem is fixed: Horizontal screen repair following the withdrawal, lack of access to a point of order Adjust the volume repair N73 crash when the problem Some models fix the problem of sleep shutdown mode is invalid Restoration progress bar handles the problem follow the animation can not be displayed Repair opening night mode, locks the keyboard and press left button, the screen brightness will not return to the issue Fixed font size on the 14 th, the skin is often the skin menu, text display issues will be misplaced Sogou input method fixes the use of everyday sounds can not search the lyrics and pictures use the Paste function of the problem Repair automatically of the border, open the auto-hide the visual effect, visual effect does not show the problem Fix font set is too large, the English words have been split display problems Repair # + under the tag files, you can not issue a continuous mark Repair off visualization, the switch will appear black background visual problems Repair White Melody II fast-forward rewind, the reflection of part of the problem will be flashing Repair Word Graph search results more than 1 , when the cursor moves to the last line, the cursor will move up a line problem Repair manual to change the list sorting, the picture associated with the problem would be confused Repair screen background shows that built-in picture, picture of the problem will be tensile deformation Fix custom directory, the path at the end do not enter "", the saved path is not the complete issue Note : IF U GET System Error Install Patch 4 run.sis

REG With 16 Zero ( 0000000000000000 )



Disclaimer :
This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.


360 ting music player v1.30 for s60v3v5

360 ting - Powerfull Chinese audio player with more capabilities and excellent sound. Competitor KuGou and TTpod.
- Play all major formats;- 10- band equalizer;
- Clock slip-timer;
- View information on the track to display on your desktop;
- Smooth volume change;
- Search for music and lyrics straight from the player on the Internet ;
- Download oblozhok;
- Ability to download tracks from the Internet ;
- Repeat the playlist and tracks;
- And many more =) To start the player needs a patch from TTPOD!To display the English and Indonesian translation should be a third-party font! Added:
1. The number keys control the menu options for easy keyboard operation;
2. 10 User balance of domestic and foreign enthusiasts to download and install directly to the skin produced by;
3. The opening of the new logo;Optimization:
4. Optimize the access point approach;
5. Optimize the sound to resolve with the other players at the same time open the sound failure problem;
6. Playback engine changes to solve the switch songs stuck or restart of the problem;
7. More fluid experience for a list of switches to raise the overall operation of feelings; Fix bug:
8. Fix random mode, random play sometimes problems;
9. Fix color settings after restarting the software can not save the problem; 10. Change the location of the desktop model of peeling recovery issues; 11. Modify the sleep patterns of conflict with other operations
Disclaimer : This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.


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Ucweb is a mobile browser has many interesting features. One interesting feature is a download manager.

Download owned ucweb enable us manage the process of downloading, pause and continue later. This browser can open multiple tabs, so that we can open many web pages in one time.

Ucweb that comes from china is, seems to be a serious competitor than opera mini and bolt. If you see see this ucweb quality continually updated from time to time, even when this ucweb version 7 has reached the final version. Well for you who want to download the application, it’s good that you download ucweb has been modified by the handler.

This application can perform some tricks so you can get for free interset.

Here is a download link.



MobiFun Soft SmartSettings v1.14 S60 v2 SymbianOS Cr@cked-BiNPDA

Smart Settings is designed to protect your phone and make its appearance unique. It combines the possibility to lock the keyboard, prevent from using the phone's 10 digits Master Code in case of lost, customize lock messages and access easily the most common applications (by exactly 2 keystrokes).

Main features description: * Start Menu: It provides a way to customize your phone so that it looks in your own unique way. You can use these set of features for quick access of the your favourite applications. For them you can chose speed keys (1-9). After, these applications will be accessible by the Left Selection Key + Their Speed Key.

* Easy Unlock: It allows you to choose the most convenient unlock combination for yourself and to decide whether to disable the default 'Unlock' + *. If you choose to disable it, only the new combination and those who know it will be able to unlock the keyboard. Here you can also create your own message which will be displayed when the keyboard is locked but someone tries to use it. Another feature allows you to set a day period during which the phone will light the display after any key activity. Thus, unlocking keypad in the night will be as easy as in the day.

* Auto Lock Options: You can set a keypad auto lock period which prevents the phone from accidental calls. It is possible to choose the applications which deactivate the auto lock. If such application is open, the keyboard won't be locked.

* Security: Smart Settings allows you to change the max length of the Phone Lock Code. Normally it should be 5 digits long. But now you will be able to create more secure, up to 9 digits codes. For some S60 phones , there is a special 10 digits Master Security Code. It can be found in the Web and it unlocks the Phone even without the user defined Lock Code. With Smart Settings you can prevent using this code - codes longer than 9 digits won't be accepted by the phone.

Supported Languages: English, German

Compatible Devices:
Nokia 3230
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7610
Nokia N70
Nokia N72
Nokia 9210 Communicator Panasonic X800


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in the solution if your facebook hack by hackers

Have you ever been to hack facebook? What are his solutions?? Because I also had to hack facebook people. (Ssssssstttt. do not tell ....) Relax, you will not be my Facebook hack. but this tutorial will discuss the solution if you are at hack facebook. Is it the solution? not to worry and discouraged. I have a solution! guaranteed effective. Then what's the solution? Curious? Continue!

What did you do when your on facebook hack?

- Stress?
- Surrender?
- Pray all day?
- Report the police?
- Cry?

Relax, the solution is easy, all you have to do is to report to the facebook. This way:

- Open the url below:

- Fill the Form, when he click Submit.

- Later on or within a few days, there will be a reply via email from the facebook. Check Your Email.

- Done!

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[NEW Aplikasi Java] File EXPLORER Manager for mobile

File Manager for mobile phones Supported OS Mobile phone with support for the file system , MIDP-2. 0 , CLDC-1.0 Changes in the latest version 3.0 :
[+] Creating / changing ZIP- archives. ( degree of compression : 9- maximum, 0- no compression )
[+] The new main menu. [+] The new regime of the functional buttons 1-9 in the main window. Now these buttons operate in two modes: fast and hitting Pressing to keep. And consequently have two functions. In the Help buttons with extra features marked "+". Now their appointment follows: Pressing Fast:
[1 ] - Help
[2 ] properties file / folder and changing attributes [3 ] text-View
[4 ] - text editor
[5 ] - copying
[6 ] - move
[7 ] - creating folders
[8 ] - removal Long Pressing:
[2 + ] properties of the disk -
[3 + ] - view text with a preliminary choice of encoding
[4 + ] text-editor with a preliminary choice of encoding
[6 + ] renaming Pause long pushing through the settings can be changed. [+] Search files on the mask (not working in the archives) ( "*" and "*.*" give the same result). Running through the main menu.
[+] Fast audio and video through installation time through the menu (at the little-SE can be more than 20 minutes did not move). [+] Support encodings CP1251 and CP866 for browser and editor. Encryption is selected via the pop-up menu. You can also set the default encoding settings.
[+] An independent panel of sorting. Selected from the main menu. Sorting Out settings removed.
[+] Sorting by size (from large to smaller).
[+] sort by date and size of the files.
[+] Added font - Font phone. " It will be used by choosing the font, a built-in phone. Done at the request of foreign users. [+] The opportunity to attributes for a group of files and folders.
[+] work with files *. NTH how ZIP- archives.
[+] audiopleera Background Mode (via the menu includes player). Reverse entrance to the player via the main menu. [+] Displaying its current location at the top panels ( can be turned off).
[+] Displaying the size of the file / group files (except folders) (can be turned off). Attention! When reading the list of large files may significantly slow because the opening of each file is required for its size. The same thing will be if prioshodit include sorting by date or file size.
[+] key is added / S teams in the DEL command interpreter. It removes all reference files for the mask and subfolders. Sami folders is not removed.
[+] Image Rotation (buttons to the right / left).
[+] Password access to the program (set configured). [ *] Switching tracks in audiopleere now running buttons up / down, but not right / left. [*] modified order by date, the files are now built with a new starting to older.


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