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Thursday, March 18, 2010 | 11:39 PM | 0 Comments

Removing Viruses Without Format tasted S60v2

The virus is always annoying, but sometimes a provision for service workers. Today I will give a simple trick to remove the virus without mobile phone format. I discussed this trick for Symbian Special 60, ( 6600.7610 etc) 602nd (N70, 6680 etc) Let's get started:
1. Install fileman, or similar applications. Install in C and E. (more easy to use x-plor)
2. Open C: \ system \ apps (in this folder to where the virus activity, usually apps folder contains only the folders of installed applications. Well, if there is a file outside the folder with the extension ". SIS" and ". EXE" or ". MDL "is suspect as a virus. Usually these files can not be deleted. How do I delete it? Continue No. 3 ..
3. Rename the folder "Apps" in "C: \ system \ Apps", (just minus one letter only). Then try deleting the virus files earlier. But when you rename the folder apps, it will automatically appear Apps folder with the name again, there is another virus in the new Apps folder. But no matter, let it alone. Because they can not be deleted as well.
4. Open the folder c: \ system \ bootdata. Delete the file "firstboot. dat"
5. Open the folder c: \ system \ data.Hapus file "aplication.dat"
6. Turn off the phone, remove the memory. Colokin to the card reader, right click the drive memory search with the keyword ". Exe", ". MDL". If meet filename title MDL exe and delete it directly. 7. Connect your mmc, turn on the phone. Open fileman, remove the APPS folder in c: \ system \ Apps. (no virus folder before, now can be deleted).
8. Return home again we rename the folder was "APP" to "APPS" again.
9. Done
10. Additionally, for the virus guardian, find the folder named guard or guardian in the C and E, if met press option, attribute sets off all but the sub-folders on. Then delete foder guardian mentioned. With this way mobile data did not join the other lost.

I hope usefully

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