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SmartGET Powerful Download Manager for S60

Devices SmartGet is the easy-to- use and effective download manager designed to fix all the problems you may be having downloading content from the internet on your phone. It looks like a must-have utility for all the hardcore internet users that downloads files recently and want to avoid limitations in the default web browser.
SmartGet download
manager allows you to simultaneously download up to 5 files at the same time rather then the Safari Explorer silly maximum of only 1 file at a time. Furthermore it allow you to resume broken downloads and contain few really handy features like scheduled downloads and progress bars. It definitely improves download experience on the S60 phones by offering few missing features in default browser and giving quick access to the most useful features over the keyboard shortcuts.

Improvements in the latest version:

- An all new graphical interface.
- Download multiple files simultaneously (upto 5)
- Progress bar for downloads
- Auto-resume failed downloads due to network errors.
- Updated Settings dialog. (more settings)
- Start/Stop Timer (Still need to iron out some bugs)
- Faster program execution.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

- Use joystick left-right to select toolbar icons Use joystick up-down to select downloads in queue.
- Numeric Key 7 - Auto-orientation
- Numeric Key 8 - portrait
- Numeric Key 9 -Landscape





( NEW )mig33 versi HandlerUI143 by modif

mig33 (Java) description

Free mobile chat, cheap calls, IM, email, photo- sharing, all from your phone. mig33 is a free global community that keeps you in touch with friends and family, anyway you want, all from your mobile phone. Here are some key features of "mig33 (Java)":

· Chat with millions of mig33 users
· Cheap international calls
· Cheap flat-rate SMS
· Over 200,000 chat rooms
· Share photos
· Create & explore user profiles
· Email from your phone
· Free credits for inviting

friends Requirements:
· MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.0 What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] Faster & keeps you connected better than ever before:
· Up to 4 times faster in starting up, viewing profiles and other activities
· Auto reconnect

- mig33 is the only chat application that reconnects if you have network disconnects and keeps all your info active Uses even less data than competitors:
· Half the size of other messaging apps
· Cached features mean mig33 looks better, runs faster and still keep data usage to a minimum
· Can turn on and off updates and chatroom tabs as you need them New features including:
· Chatroom portal

- a new interface so now you can bookmark your favorite chat rooms and see recent rooms you have visited
· Call friends by name

- in chatrooms or on your friends list, you can call friends needing to share phone numbers Better look makes mig33 easier to use:
· You can show only online friends in your friends list
· Status icons are easier to read
· Menu flows have been redesigned to gets you to where you want faster.


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For those of you who hobbies in music, another for your offerings, music player WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER, might not we hear the familiar, of course you do not believe in the music player application on this one. True, this time the music player is now present in the form of a very smooth j2me action was in java and symbian mobile phone. How you are interested in trying it right? What are you waiting for free download by its course and know once your phone screen resolution, I present the collection consists of: 240x320 and 176x220 .. already on test, working on sony Erickson K530 and N82

WMP 240X320


WMP 176X220




This one application is required you have, especially for her younger students, teachers, or all circles!. Maybe "scientific Calculator", familiar to you all. These calculators including expensive, compared with ordinary calculator. What if this calculator were operating properly in your mobile phone?. You must be happy because a lot of profit if the calculator is presented in the form of j2me applications. Savings money and bring practical, this may be a small part of your profits. Well please download according to the type of your mobile phone. Here we present "scientific calculator for java and symbian hp general and for java and symbian hp touchscreen". Just to remind, if you install a special calculator applications to mobile phones touchscreen not have these features, it can be installed, but sometimes there are the icons or certain keys to not operating properly. Enjoy.





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[NEW] Ignorant of applications.

Have been present collection of cool applications and suitable for those of you who like disturbing friend. Do not worry, this application does not cause his heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and as her. Not interested in this application? Do not hesitate to click and download it for free of course my collection of stupid applications that guarantee you will feel satisfied interfere with your friend. Here are the details of his application:

1. Crack screen aplication.
If this application is installed and active on the Hanphone's your friend, it will automatically split screen effect. There has to understand his intentions? .. Hehehe, so before installing this application must have a friend you do not have heart disease yes!. You only live say: "sorry, do not know why you handpone screen like this, but just fell a little". So wear a safety helmet if necessary.


2. Applications fart.
heard his name we can guess. True, if the application installed on your mobile phone friend farts make noise that can make the wearer feel ashamed. This application can be set manually by you, when the sound is going to act and embarrass your friends. Imagine if you only read the crowd!. Hehehe ...


3. Setting is the same way with the above. This application will cause a loud cry effect.




here the last stable opera 5 mini Key new features:

- Tabbed browsing A visual Speed Dial Opera Mini now remembers your passwords A new, easy to use interface, optimized for both touch and keypad phones A download manager Opera Link, to keep you synchronized.

Key changes from beta 2 : Even more languages! A Russian virtual keyboard for touch phones Improved performance on low memory devices Lots of little bug fixes.

Known issues:
- Opera Mini 5 is recommended for devices with a QVGA or higher display resolution (320 x 240). Devices with low memory will struggle with tabbed browsing.

New in HandlerUI143 :
- Fix RMS Saving in KTouch Cellphone
- For some phones that has a failure to enable the InputBox after changing the Operator Combobox, you may try this procedure: Select the Operator to Custom1 , then go to the Config Name, then select "Manual Check Config".




BOLT v2.0 beta Full/Lite J2ME handler UI

BOLT is a free downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience even on lower-end mobile phones.

Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style web pages and rich media applications on all levels of mobile devices.

Built on Bitstream's ThunderHawk browsing technology, BOLT is the result of 5+ years experience developing mobile browsers that optimize usability, speed and performance on resource-constrained systems with limited memory, processing power and screen space.


· Loads complete web pages in seconds · Patented navigation and display technologies get you where you' re going faster.


· View streaming videos from sites like YouTube, MySpace and Google.
· Enjoy full desktop PC-style Facebook and social media functionality.
· BOLT Widgets beta allows streamlined access to web apps
· Tweet directly from BOLT while you browse
· Shop securely

· Full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
· Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed
· Browse any site with the best page rendering available Changelog
· Support for Tabbed browsing
· Facebook integration - post messages, links or URLs from any page displayed in BOLT directly to your Facebook account without navigating away from the currently viewed page.
· Support for Facebook chat and other web-based chat apps.



Totorial Create aplication handler page2

7. Select the file Handler.doc , and check the box Legal Blackline , then click Compare .

8. Then a new Document will pop-out, the BLUE colored text, are the added codes by handler. You may also see the texts that he added or deleted.






Good luck and success!

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"Hack java permissions" I think you'll understand his point, after listening on the page before him. Its way into the next two I think is easier to understand. From this successful experience in the N73.
First, download the file before it.


Inside it, there are several files and folders that should we move it ...
* Copy c2zbin.rmp, to E: \ patches \ ... continued on "Apply" in rompatcher. *Copy MIDP2 SECURITYPOLICYV2, and his other, to C: \ sys \ bin. Copy midp2 folder, to C: \ system \ data \ .... Done.

*Try to check "Data mgr - app manager - Installed apps".

but for certain S60v3 with the latest firmware, trick on the less work .. Like 5320xm, with the trick below to overcome this problem.

Download first file:


move it inside (disable_java_question.rmp) to the folder e: / patches. Continue to "disable" the rompatcher / Ok .. Done!.




When we run a java application such as: file Xplorer, opera mini, and as it, often "java midlet permissions" often makes us uncomfortable. To get around it, I have a special trick you midlet permissions disappeared earlier. Follow and refer toturial explained that I will not.

1. Install rom Patcher if no.
2. Install os pips (if already installed n-gage you do not need to install it).
3. Install c2z maker.
4. rompatcher open, option and disable caps.
5. Then go c2z maker of option, select generate.
6. open x-Plore, search c2z.rmp, the directory E: /, copy this file to E: / patches.
7. open rom Patcher, option, patches, apply, and "also add to auto".
8. Extract the zip file (already available in the files you will download later.) To drive C: /, if asked for overwrite choose "yes".
9. Reboot your phone and enjoy.




Totorial Create aplication handler

Equipment needed:
[+] PC Tools
- MS Word 2003 or later
- Winrar
- Midlet (HandlerMod & Unmodded jar file)

1. Using Winrar , extract the midlets, HandlerMod and the Unmodded.

2. Open Windiff , goto File, Compare Directories , then in the textbox Dir 1 , put the Unmodded midlet folder path , while on the Dir 2 , the Handlermod folder path , click OK.

3. Now this is the result, the lines that has RED is different , while the BLACK is identical.

4. Now we are about to disect the codes, lets say, the db.class , open JD-GUI , then open the db.class of HandlerMod folder , and the db. class Unmodded folder of . Select all the texts( source code ) by pressing CTRL+A and CTRL+C , and paste it on Microsoft Word , do the same with the other one.

5. We should have the 2 codes pasted in Microsoft Word ( db.class source code of HandlerMod folder and db.class source code of Unmodded folder ), now save this file as Handler and unmodded, or which ever filename you like.

6. Open the Unmodd.doc , goto Tools, Compare & Merge Documents.


English - Indonesia Dictionary with audio for your PC

The discussion this time is a complete dictionary English-Indonesia for your computers and laptops, this dictionary is very useful especially for beginners who want to learn. Why is effective dictionary for beginners? This is the advantage of this application, by typing a few words from English into Indonesia, or otherwise you'll find the meaning of the word according to which you want to translate it, and one advantage of this application, you can hear his audio pronunciation with clear pronunciation. How do you interested? Immediately, please download it for free course for developing the joint. With this portable application system will be a light installed on the computer and your laptop, if helpful do not forget to leave your comments. Thank you for your visit.!


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freewallpaper s60v3 cracked

Sometimes S60v3 phone, eg
N73 and the like, of course
we can not make pictures that
we like to make the
wallpaper in full screen,
install this application on any



set mp3 as ringstone s60v2

Mobile S60V2, such as:
6600,3660,7610, and more!
not equipped with features
ringtone mp3 format. This
application is a plugin to be
installed in your phone
memory. so the file can make
mp3 ringtone.


asphalt4 multyplayer all screens

Now has come racing game
for your mobile, multiplayer
Asphalt4 collection, you also
can play via bluetooth with
your friends. This game is favorite in my country.
Enjoy with your friends, and save adventure.



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