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Saturday, March 20, 2010 | 12:52 AM | 1 Comments

Hack Licensing Applications Java (jar signing) for Symbian UIQ3

Hack Licensing Applications With Java for Symbian UIQ3 This is one of the must-have application by Symbian UIQ3 hp, maybe you've upset when opening a java application to read user data as a file manager java (BlueFTP, Mobyexplorer, Powergrasp, etc.) and java browsers such as: opera mini when download / upload always appear midlet permission notification, we must choose Yes many times for each process when determining the storage folder. Very annoying is not it?. For Symbian UIQ3 very easy solution is even easier than the nokia s60 symbian that requires signing rompatcher and other tools it but you just use only one application is "MIDlet permition". Immediately following his steps:
1. Download application


before installing, make sure you have the hp hack, Capswitch change to "OFF" and install.
2. Open Permition MIDlet application.
3. select java application that will be changed his permition example BlueFTP.
4. select the type of permission that would in turn are: internet access, read / write user data, etc., then change to "ask once", To change this every type of licensing should be on the save one at the first instance you change the "internet access" to "ask once" and then save first, then go back and change other types of licensing for example "read user data" to "ask once" save again and so on for each setting. Finish survivors will not bother you again pressing yes many times. Tested on my P990i


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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! It works on my M600i :)

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