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Saturday, March 27, 2010 | 11:06 PM | 0 Comments

[NEW] Ignorant of applications.

Have been present collection of cool applications and suitable for those of you who like disturbing friend. Do not worry, this application does not cause his heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and as her. Not interested in this application? Do not hesitate to click and download it for free of course my collection of stupid applications that guarantee you will feel satisfied interfere with your friend. Here are the details of his application:

1. Crack screen aplication.
If this application is installed and active on the Hanphone's your friend, it will automatically split screen effect. There has to understand his intentions? .. Hehehe, so before installing this application must have a friend you do not have heart disease yes!. You only live say: "sorry, do not know why you handpone screen like this, but just fell a little". So wear a safety helmet if necessary.


2. Applications fart.
heard his name we can guess. True, if the application installed on your mobile phone friend farts make noise that can make the wearer feel ashamed. This application can be set manually by you, when the sound is going to act and embarrass your friends. Imagine if you only read the crowd!. Hehehe ...


3. Setting is the same way with the above. This application will cause a loud cry effect.



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