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PAPER HOLDING Software ORIGAMI for children and teacher

Origami (折り紙 ? , from ori
meaning "folding", and kami
meaning "paper") is the
traditional Japanese folk art of
paper folding, which started in
the 17th century AD and was
popularized in the mid-1900s. It
has since then evolved into a
modern art form. The goal of this
art is to transform a flat sheet of
material into a finished sculpture
through folding and sculpting
techniques, and as such the use
of cuts or glue are not
considered to be origami.
The number of basic origami
folds is small, but they can be
combined in a variety of ways to
make intricate designs. The most
well known origami model is
probably the Japanese paper
crane. In general, these designs
begin with a square sheet of
paper whose sides may be
different colors or prints.
Traditional Japanese origami,
which has been practiced since
the Edo era (1603–1867), has
often been less strict about these
conventions, sometimes cutting
the paper or using nonsquare
shapes to start with.


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Changing Display Mobile Symbian 3rd Edition and 5th Edition Become Android

Lately Android OS was busy-hectic discussed. If only cell phone with Android OS an affordable price, surely a million people have become mobile. I myself, want to know what it feels like using her cell phone OS Android. With this application, named M1, we can change the Display Today (homescreen) and View Menu we become like the OS Android. With this application, at least we can try first how Views Today (homescreen) and Display the Menu's Android OS before we buy it. This application is quite easy to run, we just install the installer file. After that will appear M1 at folder Applications Applications icon. Applications Run M1, then in one second, view our Symbian phones to be turned into Android. Although almost all Android phones are touch screen phones, but these applications can run smoothly on the Symbian mobile phone which is not touch screen. This application can be run on Symbian phones and Symbian 3rd Edition 5th Edition. Maybe if the phone uses the Symbian 5th Edition, the flavor will be more condensed Androidnya times huh? In Mobile Symbian 5th Edition also uses touch-screen system like Android have.

This application flash player using the ability of our mobile phones. So for the old type mobile phone, apparently unable to run this application. So do not be surprised if there are files in the gallery will M1.swf. This application will only run smoothly if it is run through the existing M1 application icon in the application folder. If we run M1.swf existing files in the gallery, we will only get a view without being able to run androidnya course menu menu is in it. Not all the existing application icon in the View menu M1 is able to walk perfectly. So do not be surprised if there's an application icon is just silent when clicked. To exit the application of M1, just press the Exit Menu Icon in the View menu there is the M1. So going back to its original appearance.


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