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Guitar Pro 6.0 Profesional Edition

GUITAR RIG 6PRO offers innovations and improvements that (not only) guitarists will appreciate. The ability to customize your sound has now taken on a truly professional dimension with the new Control Room feature, reworked matched cabinets, new effects and new amps. Improvements to the interface and architecture make GUITAR RIG 4 PRO the most versatile and powerful version yet.
Control room
The brand-new Control Room is a major leap forward in fusing the recording techniques of professional analog studios with the versatility and convenience of GUITAR RIG. This all-new module opens a vast new world of tone with an unparalleled degree of natural sound reproduction and tonal clarity. With just a few fader moves you can create the sound of professional studio recordings that will definitely cut through the mix.

New amps
The GUITAR RIG guitar_pro_6_ software offers 15 amazing guitar and bass amplifiers, modeled with the exacting precision of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS’ award-winning Dynamic Tube Response Technology®. Including the original multi-channel designs and model-specific tweaking options, these amps not only accurately convey the character, charm and feel of their real-world counterparts, but also offer a huge arsenal of tried-and-true tones for all genres. The included Matched Cabinets module offers a harmonized speaker setup for every single amp.

PLEX: The classic Plexi sound probably needs no introduction - it's the vintage amp sound that has powered too many hit records to mention! Your ultimate classic for blues and rock.

HOT PLEX: We all love the classic Plex sound, but wait until you hear this gain-spiced version of it! A generous amount of distortion will boost your vintage tones into the future.

COOL PLEX: When all you want is that heart-warming vintage clean sound - sparkling and with a dash of saturation - look no further. The Cool Plex adds soul to any retro tone: transparent, yet thick and charismatic!

LEAD 800: This smooth, intense lead sound cuts like a knife and offers plenty of flexibility. While the Plex works very well for both chunky rhythm sounds and leads, the Lead 800 gives a brighter, more edgy sound.

JUMP: The sound of the Jump is a well-behaved alternative to the Lead 800 – sporting a bit less gain, but at the same time perfecting the smooth, singing lead sounds we love to hear from British amps.

AC BOX: The AC Box delivers the famous sound that powered the British conquest of pop music. We chose a model that not only features a unique flavor but also some nice circuit wizardry adding a Brilliant channel!

CITRUS: If you’re yearning for that 70’s British sound with a bunch of flavor, the Citrus amp is for you! Its tones range from the edge of clean to gritty distortion when master and gain controls are cranked.

HIGH WHITE: Are you seeking the signature British sound of David Gilmour and Pete Townsend? Then we think you’ll want to spend some time with the High White – we’re talking 100 virtual watts of pure tone!

JAZZ AMP: The Jazz Amp produces a warm, clean tone. An essential part of its sound is the Ensemble effect, which adds chorusing or vibrato. As a result, the Ensemble is built into the Jazz Amp.

GRATIFIER: The Gratifier emulates a famous multi-channel solo head with a tube power amp. A fourth channel has been added to span the tonal range from clean to over-the-top distortion.

ULTRASONIC: You asked for an ultra-modern, ultra-high-gain, uber-cool amp? We present the Ultrasonic! A two-channel boutique amp with all the modern tones you could even want.

TWANG REVERB: The Twang Reverb simulates the rich tube sound of a classic amp from decades ago. It is ideal for screaming blues leads, crunchy rhythm guitar sounds, as well as clean sounds laden with personality.

TWEED DELIGHT: There’s nothing like the spank of an amp covered in tweed! This amp, based on an American legend, is designed to go from glassy clean, to bluesy squawk – with only three control knobs!

TWEEDMAN: The role model of the Tweedman was originally designed as a bass amp. Since then, it has made its way as a classic guitar amp. Of course, it still works equally great in its originally intended role.

BASS PRO: This monster bass amp delivers that gritty, growling sound that really makes a bass stand out in a mix. In addition to the unique tonal qualities, there’s also a graphic equalizer to allow the sound to be tailored more precisely.

Along with the standard settings, each amplifier offers more sound-influencing "Expert Parameters", including power supply (50/60 Hz), "Variac" (reducing the supply voltage), "Response", as well as virtual "aging" of the tubes. Excellent sonic fine-tuning for real gear heads and sound fetishists!

New effects
The Grain Delay allows for a spacious refinement of your tones as well as massive walls of echoing sound. With the Grain Delay, it gets just as weird as you like - and yet perfectly controllable.

The Twin Delay combines two parallel delay modules to provide advanced stereo effects. It works like a charm for bouncing the sound from left to right in any imaginable way.

The Iceverb is a very colorful reverb that puts you in a giant icy cave – or in an igloo! It offers a wide range of hall characteristics and a filter that can even be used like a very special wahwah effect when controlled with a foot pedal.

The Octaverb is a powerful stereo reverb, precisely emulating the early acoustic reflections of eight different rooms. It also offers some unique features that can be used both for subtle tone shaping and for extreme effects.

Distortion and overdrive
GUITAR RIG 4 provides you with eleven excellent fuzz, distortion and overdrive units. These components are accurate reproductions of classic hardware devices, and sound just like the originals.

Time-based effects
Delays and reverbs are the bread and butter of every guitarist's arsenal, which is why we took extra care to deliver the finest selection of virtual delays and reverbs available. Based on award winning NI algorithms, these units will go the distance on any setup.
Whether you want to warm up your sound with some spring reverb, or use complex tempo-synced delays, you’ll find your perfect treat in the Reverb and Delay Bank.

Modulation effects
This section offers you a vast array of modulators that can be be inserted anywhere in your rig: tremolos, flangers, phasers, octavers, rotating effects, chorus and ensemble, ring modulation, a pitch pedal and much more.

The perfectly modeled effects provide a number of options for making your sound more dynamic - whether a pulsating tremolo or a swirling 70's style phaser, or even producing wild synthesizer sounds.

Filter effects
This section offers you a vast array of modulators that can be be inserted anywhere in your rig: tremolos, flangers, phasers, octavers, rotating effects, chorus and ensemble, ring modulation, a pitch pedal and much more.

The perfectly modeled effects provide a number of options for making your sound more dynamic - whether a pulsating tremolo or a swirling 70's style phaser, or even producing wild synthesizer sounds.

Volume effects
Volume effects are capable of much more than just simple loudness control! You’ll find a range of tools to dynamically or interactively adjust levels - from Volume Pedal to Noise Gate, Limiter, and Compressor

Split module
The Split Module allows you to create parallel (instead of serial) effects chains.

This means you can process the split the sound and process it with different effects and then mix the results back together at the end. Serial, parallel, and mixed serial/parallel combinations offer a practically limitless range of possibilities for combining effects, for a truly original sound. The Split Module can be inserted anywhere in the rack.

Crossover mix
This device is similar to the Split Module - it splits the signal path into two.

However, in this case, you can set a dividing line ("crossover point") in the frequency response, and send lower frequencies to one split and higher frequencies to the other split. With the Split Module you can, for examle, create rich effect chains that only affect the high frequencies and mix with a more solid natural foundation of the sound.

Master FX section
Master FX is a highly useful feature that allows you to keep individual effects engaged even while switching between presets. This means that, for example, delays or reverbs applied to one tone can be preserved while you switch to another preset. Simply drop any effect into the Master FX component and tweak or warp the main signal without changing the individual presets.
In this way the Master FX is extremely useful in live situations, where it can be used to color your sound to suit a particular set, venue or mood.

Over 250 new high-class presets
The enormous preset collection of GUITAR RIG 4 Pro offers an endless range of guitar and bass sounds and setups, from clean to hi-gain, from classic to experimental – all perfectly sortable by keywords for your convenience:

For every guitar and bass amp, there’s a selection of common and well-balanced setups to start you off. You can also look for sounds by browsing through popular genres or different categories of special effects. The latter also contains presets for processing other instruments such as drums and synths. To get you inspired with signature tones, the Songs category contains plenty of presets paying homage to legendary guitarists and famous studio productions.

Further improvements
• Further technical improvements to GUITAR RIG 4 PRO include:
• Faster workflow with component presets
• Better handling of external Controllers
• Improved range and quality for time and pitch-based effects
• True stereo processing



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