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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | 7:07 PM | 0 Comments

BackUp Filter BlackList Export dll S60v5

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MobiMessage is marvelous and all-around short message management and a kind of software for privacy protection which is working on the smart phone. It provides such professional functions and full of service as hiding and sending encrypting short message, filter harmful and spam short message, hiding short message from VIP automatically, displaying content which edited by yourself, creative chat model, chat system like MSN, sending a group of short messages and so on. Perfect interface and strong function can be replaced original short message procedure and all of encrypting management software of short message in the market. Major Features:
* Protection for VIP The short message from your close friends can be stored into the confidential mailbox through setting VIP numbers.
* Meanwhile, a fake short message will be shown up instead of the real one in your receiver mailbox.
* Support to hide the message automatically from VIP Support to store the message with encrypting In order to avoid embarrassment or leaking out the private message, it supports to preset the false tips Support to preset encrypting and decrypting password for VIP Support to send message with encrypting automatically Support to decrypt the password automatically while the user is looking through the message Realize to use all functions safely and transparently Keep all your SMS messages private and safe All your SMS messages are encrypted inside internal databases.
* No other programs can gain access to them. Filter unwanted SMS You can define your own filter rules, such as a list of phone numbers, or a list of text patterns, and you won ’t waste your time on them any more.
* Customize alert tones You can specify different alert tones for incoming SMS from different numbers so that you will know who sent the message by tone. Encrypt outgoing messages You can choose to let application encrypt all outgoing messages, and then only people using the same application can view the messages.
* Dial mobile number You can directly dial the mobile phone number where a SMS came from inside the application. Backup/Restore Backup/Restore function can help you to backup and restroe the current data base, including all of your messages, function settings and password.
* Export messages You can export all your incoming and outgoing messages into a text file. Import messages You can import from phone inbox/sent anytime so that those messages are safe and private as well. Include English,Chinese [Simplified],Chinese [Traditional]



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